We are not accepting book donations at this time.  We are preparing for our Annual Sale (Sat. Oct. 18 thru Mon, Oct. 20 with Member ONLY Preview on Friday, Oct. 17) and have run out of space for book donations.  We will begin accepting donations again on October 27th.

Thank you. 

Library Hours:

Monday 10-5:30
Tuesday 10-9
Wednesday 10-9
Thursday 10-5:30
Friday 10-5:30
Saturday 10-5:30
Sunday - limited hours, Closed Sundays from Memorial Day through Labor Day.


For additional info about the library, please visit http://www.greenburghlibrary.org

The mission of the Friends of the Greenburgh Library is to support, advocate for, and strengthen the library by fostering public awareness of its purpose and needs as an institution of life-long learning. 

The Friends of the Greenburgh Library -

*ORGANIZES and runs major book sales

*SUPPORTS staff enrichment and recognition

*FUNDS major equipment purchases

*PROVIDES opportunities for young people to earn

 community service credits

*FUNDS and SUPPORTS library programs for

 adults,  teens, and children.