Linda Paulo, President

Kathy Schneiderman, 



Barbara Judge, Secretary


Claire Pizzuti, Treasurer

Alexa Aparicio, Director

Jack Billig, Director

Gail Fell, Director

Linda Mattiace, Director

Estelle Palevsky, Director

Abbe Stein, Director


Mel Lipetz, Ex-Officio 

Sue Freedman, Ex-Officio


Elly Glat, Ex-Officio

Stephanie Kavourias, Ex-Officio

Linda Karesh, Ex-Officio


Angelica Mares Micelli, Trustee/Liaison


Lita Orlay, Book Store & Book Sale Manager


Library Staff:

John Sexton, Director

Christina Ryan-Linder, Assistant Director




About Us

The mission of the Friends of the Greenburgh Library is to support, to strengthen and to advocate for the library by fostering public awareness of its purpose and needs as an institution of life-long learning.

 Friends of the Greenbrugh Library

End of Year Report 2019


This past year has been a busy one for the Friends!


    • Membership has remained steady at almost 650. 

    • Book Store income continues to increase – we are averaging more than $3,000 per month. Total Book Store income was $39,419. 
    • Book Sale income was $19,642.

    • The Friends have disbursed more than $33,000 to the Library. These funds are used for a wide variety of programming. The Friends provided support for more than 1,000 programs attended by thousands of library patrons.

    • The Friends funded nearly $7,000 for staff members to attend and participate in continuing educational programming related to their positions at GPL.

    • Our web site is regularly updated: Please check it out!

    • Our email is Our phone number is 914-574-6582. Please contact us with your questions and suggestions.

If you are interested in volunteering to help the Friends with the annual book sale and/or the Book Store or becoming a member of our Board, please contact me through our email.

Thank YOU for your support this year! None of this would have happened without you.

Linda Paulo, President